Quickly: PHP Form Handling

server side form processing & superglobals

Reacquaint with The Image Store project

We made AJAX requests, remember? GET and POST.

Some Security Reminders for All Form Handling

  • Do you need to vet the origin of the request?
  • Compare variables passed to variables expected.
  • Input is being sanitized? Special chars?

The Stateless nature of HTTP requests

The server never remembers you.

Sessions solve this problem for us.

A few Superglobals in PHP:

These never have to be declared.

These are available on any line of your code.


Let's look inside get-api.php file

Let's look inside post-handler.php file

Points of consideration

Our form doesn't work without Javascript enabled

Our API key is pretty weak

Steps in between receiving order and giving receipt?

What Next?

  • var_dump($_GET) and see what happens
  • Handle some forms and get some webdev magic going
  • Give me a high five -
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